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Dermametics Brand, DR+LAB is a Medical Skin Care Brand approved by Dermatologists under long-time clinical testing in humans. DR+LAB is the best Cosmeceutical Brand to improve and resolve any concerns related to all skin types. Above all, DR+LAB is recognized as the best Cosmeceutical brand, because all products can bring a certain effect of improvement and make a sure about the safety of all products; that is, there are no side effects on any skin types. To be specific, there are major four different lines of DR+LAB - Anti-Aging, Repairing, Brightening, and moisturizing – based on various types of skin, and there are no age or gender restrictions to use them. DR+LAB aims Global Medical Skin Care Brand, so this brand started successful launching in the United States. DR+LAB USA showrooms are located at L.A.Koreatown Plaza in Los Angeles and Buena Park Source Mall in Orange County, California.

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